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Transient Visual Decrease after PDT - A Refractive Problem?

Mennel S.1, Hausmann N.2, Meyer C. H.1, Schmidt J. C.1
1Department of Ophthalmology, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
2Department of Ophthalmology, LKH Feldkirch/A

Purpose: After photodynamic therapy (PDT) some patients complain transient visual decrease in the first postopertive week.
Method: Usually 10 to 12 weeks after PDT the first examination with fluorescein-angiography (FLA) is planed. In contrast we examained our patients before, two days and one week after PDT and proved following parameters: 1. Visual acquity (with previous refraction and with the subjectiv best one), 2. Refraction und 3. Biometry. 53 PDT therapies could be followed up.
Results: After two days visual acquity was the same or better only in 38% (n=20) (measured with previous refraction) and increased to 62% (n=33) after one week. This result accords with patient comlaints. The changes in refraction point out an hyperopic shift in 43% (n=23) at the second postoperative day, with reduction to the examination after one week. Using the subjectiv best refraction visual acyuity was stable or even better in 68% (n=36) at the second postoperative day. Although a decrease in visual acuity could be notized in 32% (n=17) at this time, after one week it was reduced to 23% (n=12). Measurement of the cornea-retina distance performed with the ultrasound biometry disclose a reduction of 0,13mm at the second postoperative day. This would exactly correlate with aver

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