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Adjuvant Decorin Therapy for Wound Healing Suppression after Filtrating Glaucoma Surgery

Grisanti S., Szurman P., Ziemssen F., Warga M., Denk P. O., von Eicken J., Bartz-Schmidt K. U. 
Center of Ophthalmology, Department I, Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen

Purpose: To evaluate the antifibrotic effect of subconjunctival injection of Decorin after glaucoma filtering surgery in a rabbit model.
Method: Rabbits (ChBB:CH; n=15) received filtering surgery on the right eye and were divided into three groups (n=5): group 1 without adjuvant therapy, group 2 with 0.04 mg Decorin and group 3 with 0.1 mg Decorin. Rabbits in the groups 2 and 3 received subconjunctival injection of Decorin 15 min before surgery and in the four successive postoperative days. Operative procedure comprised: preparation of a 2.5 x 2.5 mm scleral flap, trepanation with a 1.5 mm trephine and subsequent iridectomy. Antifibrotic efficacy was established by clinical response and histological examination. A successful reduction of the intraocular pressure (IOP) was defined as IOP-ratio (between the treated experimental right eye and the left eye) < 0.8. After 2 weeks, the eyes were enucleated and processed for histological examination.
Results: In group 1 intraocular pressure exceeded a ratio of 0.8 at 7 days postoperatively, while groups 2 and 3 maintained a pressure ratio less than 0.8 during the follow up time of 2 weeks. After 14 days eyes with group 2 disclosed a mean ratio of 0.75±~.09 and group 3 a ratio of 0.58±0.11. Histology in control eyes disclosed a mar

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