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Proton Beam Irradiation of Uveal Melanomas. Results of 5-year Treatment at the Hahn Meitner Institute in Berlin

Bechrakis N. E.1, Höcht S.2, Martus P.3, Cordini D.4, Foerster M. H.1
1Augenklinik, 2Strahlentherapie, 3Statistik und Epidemiologie, Universitätsklinikum Benjamin Franklin, Freie Universität Berlin
4Hahn-Meitner Institut, Ionenstrahlenlabor, Berlin

Purpose: Uveal melanoma is the most frequent primary intraocular tumour. Various eye salvaging treatment modalities have been developed and established in the last few decades including brachytherapy with different isotopes, teletherapy with protons and surgical excision. Purpose of this study is to describe the results of the first 5 years of proton beam treatment of uveal melanomas at the Hahn Meitner Institute in Berlin.
Method: 245 patients with uveal melanomas were treated with proton beam irradiation at the cyclotron facility of the Hahn Meitner Institute in Berlin. A total of 60 cobalt gray equivalents (CGE) was applied in four treatments fractions in four consecutive days. Patients' age was 59±13 years. The largest tumour diameter was 10.7±2.8 mm, and tumour thickness was 4.4±2.5 mm. The mean tumour distance from the optic disc was 1.8±2.0 mm and from the fovea 1.5±1.8 mm. The mean visual acuity before treatment was 0.51. Mean follow-up time was 20 months.
Results: Local tumour control was achieved in 238 patients (97.1 %). The eye retention rate was 94.3 %. Radiation retinopat

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