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Measurement of Retinal Thickness in Diabetic Maculopathy

Hefner L., Schnurrbusch U. E. K., Wolf S.
Klinik und Poliklinik für Augenheilkunde, Universität Leipzig

Purpose: Until now the judgement of diabetic maculopathy is made by biomicroscopy and fluorescence angiography. New techniques of examination like optical coherence-tomopraphy (OCT) and scanning laser topography allow a quantitative judgement of the central retinal thickness.
Method: In 20 diabetics the central retinal thickness was measured by OCT (6 scans, each rotated by 30 degrees, 6 mm long through the centre of fixation) and composed each an edema map by HRTII. We composed a topography map with the data of the OCT measurements. The measurement of the retinal thickness by OCT is done in 600 points, the points in between are extrapolated and colourcoded. In HRTII series of optical tomography in different layers of fokal level (confocal measurement) are produced in a matrix of 384x384=147.456. With this data edemaindex-maps were calculated.
Results: As well in the topography-maps as in the edemaindex-maps the biomicroscopic found macular edemas could be detected. In OCT the mean central retinal thickness was 318±120mm. The mean edemaindex, measured by HRTII was 2,01±0,80. There was also a good correlation between the data measured by OCT and HRTII (r=0,57). The correlation between visual acuity and OCT/ HRTII measurements correspond to each other (r=0,31/0,28).
Conclusions: The judgement of retinal thickness in diabetic macular edema by composing topographic maps by OCT in comparison to HRTII

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