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Management of Retinal Redetachment after Silicone oil Removal

Weinand F. S., Lazar M., Jungherr A., Pavlovic S.
Zentrum für Augenheilkunde der Universität Gießen

Purpose: To analyse the management, functional and anatomic outcome of redetachment after silicone removal.
Method: We retrospectively reviewed the data of 18 patients, operated in our hospital from 1997 to 2003 because of redetachment after silicone oil removal (SOR). The primary cause of retinal detachment was in 16 eyes proliferative vitreoretinopathy, in one eye a macular hole and in one eye proliferate diabetic retinopathy. Indication for silicone oil removal was a complete retinal attachment for at least 3 months duration. We documented the number of retinal detachment surgeries before SOR, the vision before SOR and at last visit, the time between SOR and retinal redetachment, the cause of redetachment, the management and the postoperative course.
Results: The mean follow-up was 14.7 months. The mean rate of previously unsuccessful retinal detachment surgeries was 1.94. In 61% of eyes an encircling band and in 33 % of eyes an retinotomy were performed before SOR. The mean countable visual acuity before SOR was 0.1 (14 of 18, 3 eyes with no documented vision, 1 eye with hand movement) and 0.05 after SOR (13/18, 1 eye no documented vision, 2 eyes counting fingers, 3 eyes hand movement). The mean time beetween SOR and redetachment was 3,9 months. The cause for retinal redetachment was in 17 eyes a proliferate vitreoretinopathy and in one eye the redetachment occurred because of reopening of macular hol

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