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Use of Autologous Serum in Treatment of Severe Dry Eye - Our First Experiences

Henc-Petrinovic L., Kuzmanovic B.
Ophthalmology Outpatient Clinic, Zagreb, Croatia

Purpose: Aim: to present our first experiences in use of autologous serum in treatment of severe dry eye.
Method: Five patients have been enrolled in the study. Indications for enrollment: a) patients with symptoms of dry eye, that had unsatisfactory response to prolonged conventional therapy, b) non-invasive break-up time (NIBUT) less than 10s, c) Schirmer test less than 5 mm, d) positive fluorescein dye test, e) epithelial defects lasting at least a week with no response to conventional therapy, f) patients capable of understanding and conducting instructions regarding the use of serum, living in adequate conditions (having refrigerator and freezer). After signing the consent, blood was obtained from cubital vein. Serum was prepared according to protocol listed in relevant references. 20% serum drops were used 10 times a day for 3 months. One bottle of serum was kept on 4C, while the rest were frozen until use.
Results: On regular weekly and afterwards monthly check-ups all patients had same (2 patients) and major improvement of symptoms (3 patients). Fluorescein dye showed reduction of dyed spots and filamentous changes by +++ in 2 patients, ++ in 2 patients and only + in one patient, No worsening of symptoms or signs, including infection, has been noted.
Conclusions: Our first experiences with autologous serum in treatment of severe dry eye, that is already a proven techn

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