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Limbal Graft and / or Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in the Treatment of Ocular Burns

Iveković R., Petric I., Tedeschi-Reiner E., Novak-Lauš K., Mandić Z.
Univ.-Department of Ophthalmology "Sestre milosrdnice", Zagreb, Croatia

Purpose: To evaluate the surgical outcome of preserved amniotic membrane and / or limbal stem cell transplantation.
Method: Three groups of patients underwent superficial keratectomy of the conjunctivalised corneal surface followed by amniotic membrane transplantation in the first group of patients, limbal stem cell transplantation in the second group and combination of both technique at the same time in the third group of patients. All patients suffered from limbal deficiency secondary to chemical burns. Patients manifest photophobia, abnormal conjunctivo-corneal healing with peripheral neovesssels, chronic epithelial defect, sever stromal inflammation, and conjunctivalisation of cornea, which is characteristic of limbal deficiency.
Results: With a mean follow up time of 17 months (range 8 - 41 months), satisfactory ocular surface reconstruction was obtained in all analysed groups. A significant visual improvement was observed in all cases, but the better results were noticed in the group with combination of amniotic membrane and limbal stem cell transplantation and in the group with limbal stem cell transplantation alone. There where no significant difference in postoperative visual acuity in these two groups 6 months after operation.
Conclusions: Amniotic membrane transplantation and limbal stem cell transplantati

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