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Antioxidant Protection of Organism with Low-Tension Glaucoma

Navumenka V.
Belarussian State Medical University (Minsk)

Purpose: Working out different directions of treatment of low-tension glaucoma. The purpose of the present biochemical research was determination of the content of vitamins-antioxidants E and A and also malone dialdehyde (MDA) in blood serum with low-tension glaucoma.
Method: A group of 12 patients with low-tension glaucoma was examined. The check group consisted of 6 sick people suffering from open-angle glaucoma and 8 healthy people. Blood tests were made with an empty stomach 12 hours after having meals. These tests were centrifuged during 15 minutes at the temperature of t = +4°C. The serum was frozen and stored at the temperature of the t = - 20°C. MDA was examined according to its interaction with 2-tiobarbiture acid. The content of vitamins A and E was determined at the fluorymetre "Hitachy" by spectrumfluorescentin method.
Results: All 12 patients with low-tension glaucoma proved to have high amount of MDA 8,28±0,93 nmol/ml. 6 patients with open-angle glaucoma had MDA which was 6,5±1,04 nmol/ml, and healthy people's MDA was 5,04±0,83 nmol/ml (p<0,01). The amount of the main blood antioxidant tocopherol with low-tension glaucoma was lower 15,4±2,4 mg/ml than with open-angle glaucoma 28,9±4,7 mg/ml (p<0,01), as well as among healthy people 27,6±4,6 mg/ml (p<0,05). The level of vitamin A of those patients with low-tension glaucoma was 1,26±0,21 mg/ml (p<0,05), 3,12±0,82 mg/ml (p<0,001) of those with open-angle glaucoma and 1,88

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