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Rotation of Intraocular Silicon Lenses with Z-Haptic versus C-Haptic in the Capsular Bag or with a C-Haptic in the Sulcus Ciliaris after Cataract Extraction

Quentin C. D., Genée D., Vogel M.
Dept. of Ophthalmology, University of Goettingen

Purpose: The intraocular lens (IOL) has the tendency of rotation in the capsular bag after cataract extraction.But the rotation of a toric - IOL changes the refractive power of the lens. The design of the haptic and the location - capsular bag or sulcus ciliaris - seem to influence the rotation.
Method: Three groups of 50 patients with a cataract received a silicon IOL with a Z-haptic (group 1: MS 6120) or with a C-haptic (group2: MS 612) during surgery. In the third group the IOL with a C-haptic (MS 794) was implanted in the sulcus ciliaris. Postoperatively, photos of the IOLs were taken in mydriasis to detect any rotation on the first day after surgery and after three / 6 months.
Results: After six months 7 IOLs with a Z-haptic (18%) had rotated more than 15° in the capsular bag, and 24 IOLs with a C-haptic (69%). In the third group two of 34 IOLs (6%) had rotated in the sulcus ciliaris 15° and 30° after three months. One IOL with a Z-haptic rotated 40° and 4 IOLs with a C-haptic rotated up to 45°.
Conclusions: The IOL with a Z-haptic as well as the C-haptic rotated in the capsular bag. But the Z-haptic reduced the incidence and degree of rotation in the capsular bag very much. The sulcus implantation diminished rotation of the IOL the most and, therefore, the sulcus ciliaris might be the ideal place for a toric-IOL

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