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Optical Coherence Tomography versus Ultrasound Biomicroscopy of Conjunctival and Eyelid Lesions

Buchwald H.-J., Müller A., Kampmeier J., Lang G. K.
University Eye Hospital and Clinic, Ulm

Purpose: The value of ultrasound biomicroscopy in the diagnosis of conjunctival and eyelid lesions is still unknown.
Method: For the examination of conjunctival and eyelid lesions, we used an anterior segment OCT (4optics, Lübeck) and an ultrasound biomicroscope (Humphrey, Zeiss, Oberkochen) with high fre­quency transducer (30 MHz). Included in this study were all patients with conjunctival lesions, which were consecu­tively operated on between December 2002 and January 2003. Histological examination of the excised tissue was performed.
Results: 38 tumours of 35 patients, aged 8-93 years, were examined. 13 tumours were conjunctival lesions and 25 tumours were eyelid lesions. Histologi­cal examination displayed the presence of a pterygium (8/38), a seborrhoic keratosis (7/38), a cyst of the eyelid (5/38), a basal cell carcinoma of the eyelid (4/38), a compound naevus of the conjunctiva (4/38), a chalazion (3/38), a primary acquired melanosis (1/38), a actinic keratosis (1/38), a nevus (1/38), a cavernous hemangioma (1/38), a melanoma in situ (1/38), a foreign body (1/38), and an epidermoid cyst (1/38). Using both ultrasound biomicroscopy and optical coherence tomography (OCT) we were able to demonstrate a cystic tumour in the five patients (13%) with a cyst of the eyelid. With OCT and with ultrasoundbiomicroscopy in all patients with pterygium a slit wa

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