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Cataract Surgery with Implantation of Toric Silicone Lenses to Correct High Astigmatism after Keratoplasty

Buchwald H.-J., Riederle F., Lang G. K.
University Eye Hospital and Clinic, Ulm

Purpose: The treatment of high astigmatism after keratoplasty is often not possible with glasses or refraktive corneal surgery particularly in patients with anisometropia and contact lens incompatibility.
Method: In 3 patients with cataract and high astigmatism after penetrating keratoplasty phacoemulsification was performed via a 4mm sclerocorneal tunnel incision. A toric silicone lens with Z-haptic was implanted in the bag (Typ MS 6117 TU, Dr. Schmidt). All patients had high anisometropia and contact lens incompatibility. The Follow-up was ten weeks, uncorrected and corrected vi­sual acuity, corneal and total astigmatism were evaluated.
Results: A 68-year old female presented with corneal astigmatism of 10 dpt. Keratoplasty was performed two years ago. After implantation of a toric lens (+22.5 +11.0 dpt.) uncorrected visual acuity increased from 1/50 to 20/40, corrected visual acuity increased from 20/30 to 20/25. A 78-year old male without compliance presented with irregular corneal astigmatism of 6 dpt. Keratoplasty was performed 25 years ago. Due to high myopia (corneal radii 5.3 / 5.9 mm) implantation of a toric lens (-3.0 +7.0 Dpt.) in the bag was combined with implantation of a spheric lens (-6.0 Dpt., Typ MS 614, Dr. Schmidt) in the sulcus. Uncorrected visual acuity increased from light perception to 1/20, corrected visual acuity increased to 1/10. A 84-year old femal

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